Bulletin Board and Club News

   Elections were held at the February 25, 2018 meeting and officers for the term 2018- 2020 are:

   President-            Bill Petterson 

   Vice President-    Wayne Warren

   Secretary-            Mike Taylor

   Treasurer-            Betty Lou Lages

   Member-at-large- Dennis Hollidayoke

   Past President-    Barry Figard

Nominations for officers will be presented at the next meeting. If you would like to run for office or nominate someone, please contact Tony Bullock at BullockAssociates@gmail.com.

Nominations to date for the officers are:

   President-            Wayne Warren                      Unopposed

   Vice President-    Dennis Hollidayoke                Vote for (1)

                                 Betty Lou Lages                     Vote for (1)

   Secretary-            Gail Walker                           Unopposed

   Treasurer-            Karen Singer                        Unopposed

   Member-at-large- Barry Figard                         Unopposed

   Past President-    Bill Petterson 

Please check the Meeting dates for changes or modifications


Saturday, Sept, 15, 2018-  

   Elections were held at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for the new officers for PBA:

   President-            Chuck Croft

   Vice President-    Alex Voorhies

   VP/ Education-    LeAnn Duling

   Secretary-            Aaron Stratten

   Treasurer-            Dennis Topper


Members of the Board include the elected Officers above and the President of each club.

   Maryland Bonsai-  Bill Petterson

   Richmond-             Randi Heise

   Brookside-             Matt Ferner

   Northern VA-          Aaron Stratten

   Baltimore-               Ray Mack












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