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Bulletin Board and Club News

   Elections were held at the August 23 meeting and officers for the term 2020- 2022 are:

   President-            Wayne Warren  

   Vice President-    Dennis Hollidayoke

   Secretary-            Gail Walker

   Treasurer-            Karen Singer  

   Member-at-large- Barry Figard

   Past President-    Bill Petterson 

Special News Notice- Our close friend Owen Reich, who has conducted several workshops for many of our club members, was a victim of a serious tragedy on August 22, 2020. The building where he lived and business was located caught fire. Owen had to be rescued from the roof of this burning building. Owen was fortunate to escape with his life, but he has lost all of his personal effects, his business inventory, and his pet dog, Kuma. Other businesses were also destoyed, including a kennel housing other dogs. For more on the story visit this web page You can also watch for more information.

Owen has been a great mentor and has made many contributions to the Bonsai community. He has lost everything he has worked so hard for, including many rare Bonsai Pots. A  fund has been established to help Owen, and if you would like to join many other clubs and individuals who have made a donation, you can participate at:  Any amount will help and please pass this information on to others.


Saturday, Sept, 15, 2018-  

   Elections were held at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for the new officers for PBA:

   President-            Chuck Croft

   Vice President-    Alex Voorhies

   VP/ Education-    LeAnn Duling

   Secretary-            Aaron Stratten

   Treasurer-            Dennis Topper


Members of the Board include the elected Officers above and the President of each club.

   Maryland Bonsai-  Bill Petterson

   Richmond-             Randi Heise

   Brookside-             Matt Ferner

   Northern VA-          Aaron Stratten

   Baltimore-               Ray Mack












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