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Club Virtual Bonsai Exhibit 2020

In 2020 countries all over the world continue to be affected by the deadly Coronavirus. Maryland Bonsai had to cancel several meetings and workshops. Many of our members and our partners from the Miller Branch of the Howard County Library have expressed that they would like to keep connected with one another and the community. Our members are always proud to display their hard work and progress over the past year to other members of the club and to the community.

Their hard work and pride of their accomplishments and the continuing support and interest of the Miller Branch is being appreciated this year by our, first ever, virtual bonsai exhibit.

A very special thanks goes to our members who took so much time to prepare and submit pictures of their Bonsai trees for everyone to enjoy:

Cindy Blackburn, Karen Blinder, Tony Bullock, Barry Figard, Betty Lou Lages,

Kate Majarov, Tom Majarov, Richard Metzler, Paul Parker, Karen Singer, Jim Sullivan, Mike Taylor, Celia Villalobos, and Wayne Warren.

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