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Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show

Hello bonsai friends. I just returned from a fun weekend in Kannapolis, North Carolina for the 10th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show. There were many beautiful trees on display in what is likely the most elegant location for a bonsai show. That’s right, a four story marble lined atrium with a beautiful mural on the ceiling. There were three fantastic demonstrations. The first demonstration was by Bill Valavanis and he worked on an older black pine grown from seed with no bonsai work previously performed. The second demonstration was by Tyler Sherrod and he worked on a field collected American beech tree. The final demonstration was by Rodney Clemons and he worked on a forest of princess persimmon that he started in a training pot about 15 years ago and never touched before the demonstration. Many vendors were also at the show and I, of course, came home with 5 new bonsai pots.

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